New Feature: Bumping your item

Bump sends a single item to the top of the feed so that more buyers will see it when they browse or search. It's the easiest way to get your item back in the spotlight and find a buyer fast. 

Please note, the bump option may not immediately appear when you open the app. If this is the case, log out of OfferUp, restart your device and log back into OfferUp to try again. 


How do I purchase a Bump?

  • Open the OfferUp app
  • Open your ‘Selling’ tab
    • On an iPhone/iPod/iPad, tap  at the bottom of the screen, then select ‘Selling’ at the top of the screen.
    • On an Android device, tap  then My Offers, and select ‘Selling’ at the top of the screen
  • Tap the item you'd like to Bump
  • Press the 'more options button'  OR 
  • Select ‘Bump’, and complete your purchase via your app store


The price to bump one item will be clearly displayed before confirming a purchase. You will not be charged until you confirm you're willing to pay the price of the bump. 

To keep the OfferUp browsing experience enjoyable for buyers, there are some items that cannot be bumped. For example, older posts that are duplicates of newer ones will not have the bump option.


What does buying a Bump do? 

Each purchased bump is good for bumping just that item once. Your item will be sent near the top of the feed with newly posted items. Bumping your item will not alter the price or any other details about the item.

  • Browsing buyers will see your item sooner
  • As new items are posted your item will slowly move down the feed again, just like brand new items 


Have questions about your purchase?

iPhone/iPod/iPad Users

  • iTunes will need to be contacted directly regarding any billing questions
  • Other questions can be directed to OfferUp

Android Users

  • We’ll be able to assist with any issues
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